Old Friends Are Young Friends

Waved down an auto
negotiated the fare;
Tuk-tuk it sped
With us in its rear.

Skipping over potholes
rocking us snug;
Delusional in its abilities
it raced speeding bugs.

Hopping across lanes and
scampering against one ways;
We toured the little city
forgetting our morose weekdays.

Years had passed;
Changes were many
Some of us even
had some pennies.

We three sat talking;
Three we sat mum.
Moronic trio in a blast of
our selves from the past!

Warlord Of My Freethinking Club

‘Warlord of my freethinking club’,
I dreamt of you again-
snuggled against the rain-
Of unkissed kisses, unbared bearings.

Possessive, Complication meows miffed;
denied entry into my dream,
but I’ve never cared for cats.

Here you become an easy lover
simple, smiling and spirited.
In comfortable company
our tact is quick to join the cat.
Perfect for kissed kisses, bared bearings.

Dreamer wakes myself up
longing for a lungful of reality.
You were a mean moody mess
and I’ve loved all versions of the
warlord of my freethinking club.

Unlike the sycophant version loyalists.

My Morning

You dawned on my horizon
following my darkest hour;
your simple smile lit up my face too
as you peacefully cleared up my sky

Swept away the darkness,
planted those happy clouds,
beckoned chirpy birds,
all with your wisened calm.

I would call you my sun
but where I come from,
the sun isn’t always kind;
too hot at times and unforgiving.

You are my morning
A pleasant time for fresh starts.

In Paradise, By Her Side

As her lips form my name, calling out to me through the thick darkness of my sleep, I sense her doting tenor.

I would, even if I were dead.

As she comes close and wedges herself perfectly into the nick of my curled up self, I babble random nothings that she alone can decipher. I snuggle closer, wrapping my warmth around her in search of hers. Smiling that compassionate smile, she breaths in my scent, gently kissing me back to silence. There I stay in that supremely pleasurable lull between wakefulness and sleep, listening to her call me ridiculous endearments. She opens out my left palm and kisses it awake narrating for the millionth time how my soft palm was what she loved the most about me when she saw me first.

Even as I realise that I am smiling a peaceful, sleepy smile at being admired I can feel myself shift to accommodate her. As she settles down, gently gliding her right arm under my neck, her body evolving effortlessly to match my posture, I burrow into her bosom searching feverishly for the safety of a long-lost innocence. As we lay there in the clinging wraps of the early morning, all I know is her illimitable love.

As I savour in the knowledge of being truly loved, I wish to be framed for eternity in this moment, a moment of true happiness, a daily moment of being woken up by Amma.

We Are Us, You And Me

Peck through a flea market
Bargained desirables become proud trinkets
On a lazy day as sun naps
On her hammock of clouds and
Breeze sneaks away to chatter

Snuggle on a sofa with balloon mugs
Brimming with coffee like gossip
Feet up, hair down
Rain like a nagging mother
A cherished presence

Midnight romantic movies
Elbow to elbow lying in bed
Legs dancing with titillation
Night hums in compliance
As stars twirl in sheer delight

Sautéing ideas, roasting discussions
Spilling fears, scalding arguments
Wind holds her breath as
Humidity leaves passively

The dream lives in
Irregular phone calls
While parallel our busy lives run
Amassing memories to share
When the day finally comes.

After aeons we meet
Like birds in spring
Senseless of seasons of separation
No awkward silences, no explanations
We are us, you and me.