Step, a little step;
in a million little steps,
I walked away from home.

Home, now a memory
A vague smell of distant rain
Dark wooden rooms and blooming flowers
Lose perspective in black and white
That airbrushed perfection
Stinks of nostalgia on the breath analyser.

It’s now a drunken darkness
of memories and musings
Consuming and numbing-
Shapeless mind freezes, imagining home.
Legs liquid, point home.

Shouldn’t this be home?
How do I start my getaway?
What am I fleeing?

I am so far away from home
yet it shimmers brilliant
in the streets of my mind;
Peace smiles with genuine recognition

My mind map: reality moulds
a bread trail of it;
Playing games with my faint trace
of smells, looks, words, jokes.

How did I get this far from home?
Will I find my way back?