Such A Waste

Born into a pompous royal breed
His father an esteemed doctor
His mother a mighty matriarch
Life never raised unpleasant questions then

So through college they slacked, heedless hooligans
Money assuring seats for these reckless
One to sustain her father’s legacy
Takers too many to be the prodigal one

Life was heedless in its youth
Voyages to worlds of the many novels read
The long absences and the Camay soap
Easy to learn are the ways of good life

Gripping events rocked the boat
Fortune with her walk out
And Destiny’s cart wheel
While Hope played hide and seek

Rot set in with the monsoon
Skies crying relentless tears in repentance
A drunken haze shrouded streets ahead
Free advice deafening like thunder

Like a phoenix rose an unlikely straw
Independence nurturing her boundlessness
Maintaining social norms, denouncing freedom
She was all the woman she could be.

Another like strained tea, lay collected in the sieve
Failure plays Denial on stage
False pride disguises the inadvertent crumble
Sometimes in Anger, Distortion otherwise.

Flashback a montage of poor choices
HEED- bold, bright and underlined
In invisible ink of course
No life deserves such imprudence.

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