Puke: A Valid Response?

The validity of a physical retching sensation in response to life and all things it entails.

There are days, many more these days than acceptable, when I lay awake in bed overhearing the tiresome morning sounds of a geriatric household.

The deaf one is shouting at the lost one; he simply stares back, a stoic sculpture of incomprehension.

The authoritarian know-it-all is being himself, snubbing even the lizard under the dining table with derision.

It’s dark. Lovely cool darkness.

It’s early. Too early for me.

Snow Crash.

I am awake, my late-night long forgotten, sleep has slouched away not once complaining of insufficient attention. I want her back. Back in my blanket. As I try to shove my face down into my pillow within the darkness of my blanket, I want her to kiss my eyes back to peaceful oblivion. But she won’t hear of it. She is gone, long gone. I will myself to switch off instead.


In and out.

A throbbing thought loops around my mindspace like a news ticker—I wish I were dead—it’s on repeat. Along with its monotonous drone, unawares to my senses, there is a rising discomfort; now in my throat. I wake up to the realisation that on early mornings like this one, life makes me want to puke.

I don’t mean puke metaphorically or metaphysically. I don’t mean it in a shouting-from-atop-my-literary-high-horse sort of way. I mean the physical response of throwing up when met with highly disagreeable content.

That can’t be normal. Or maybe I just like slow, peaceful mornings. And I don’t remember the last one.

5 thoughts on “Puke: A Valid Response?”

  1. Re-reading this, I now think, it was for the best that I didn’t blog for a couple of months. This is morose!

    Be glad you! You have not been subjected to many many unwritten posts on pointlessness thanks to procrastination. 🙂

    1. You may be out of touch but I liked the writing. Also, am I your only follower? Why aren’t you advertising your writing more. A bunch of us could discuss the hell out of this topic and your writing style. It was good.

      1. Thanks David! WordPress says I have *13* followers 🙂
        Why don’t I advertise my writing? It’s a good question 🙂 Hmmm…How do I put this? I don’t take well to attention. I am easily embarrassed. It’s too much effort as well.

        But mighty glad you are interested in ‘discussing the hell out of this topic and your writing style’. Please feel free.

        Where do I find fellow followers for you now?! 🙂

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