Weekend Activity: Chocolate Brownie

Weekends have always been the time I heal from all the social interactions over the week. However, I never have interesting answers to the dreaded, “How was your weekend?”. In my endless charm, I always answer with “it’s over!”. So what do I do over the weekend?

Weekend Activity

You’ll mostly find me doing household chores or binge-watching Netflix. My afternoons however, are spent experimenting with recipes. This includes trying to make my own bread, making sauces, incorporating milkmaid into things etc. How much time I spend in the kitchen is directly proportional to how stressful my week was. I tend to cook my way out of stress. Even when many of my experiments don’t work, cooking gives me a sense of control that calms me down. Typically, I try out recipes once, twice, thrice till I get it right. I am currently obsessed with Chocolate Brownies from the Sorted Channel. I absolutely adore the four hosts. Here’s their video and the recipe. (Let me know if you think they are adorable and we’ll start a fan club!)


Chocolate Brownie Recipe | Sorted

I’ve tried it twice already. They are yum! The first time around I made a rookie mistake of not powdering the sugar. The second time around, I think I got the measurements wrong because the brownies just wouldn’t firm up. But it’s butter, chocolate and sugar- in any form it’s super super tasty.

The biggest issue I face is wrapping my head around measurements. I can never be certain if 2/3rds is what I think it is or if a cup is a US cup or some other cup. I am sure ’60g of flour in cups’ tops my google autocorrect. Nothing to worry though. The solution is on its way. I finally bought a kitchen scale. Now my life is going to be a cakewalk!

If you are like me and you love the science behind things, here’s Thomas Joseph from Kitchen Conundrums holding forth on the science behind the perfect brownie. Happy watching.