Published by Cambridge University Press

One of my stories for children, Zayne’s Day With The Sun was published in Cambridge English national curriculum (CBSE and ICSE) course material by Cambridge University Press.

It’s been in the works for a while now but I finally got my hands on a copy this week. Since this is the first story of mine to appear in print (although it’s in a textbook), it’s infinitely more exciting than I imagined. Here’s hoping 2018 brings me many more published stories! Wish me luck 🙂

Children’s Story: Zayne’s Day With The Sun

The sun was shining on his face. Zayne crinkled his eyes shut and wondered what the sun was doing in his room!

Wait a minute. WHAT’S THE SUN DOING IN MY ROOM?! said Zayne sitting up in bed!

Yes, it was true. This Sunday morning the Sun had risen in Zayne’s bedroom. Now, too excited to sleep, he jumped out of bed shouting ––LOOK AT THAT!

The Sun himself was just getting warmed up for the day and his soft rays had filled the room. Zayne’s face glowed slightly in its warmth. He had even forgotten his dreams.

“Be right back, Sun”, hollered Zayne as he rushed to the toilet to brush his teeth. BRUSH…BRUSH…OOOH, AAH, EEEH…BRUSH …BRUSH!

By the time he was done, the Sun had slid up the window and was shining brighter. Zayne smiled up at the Sun and his clean teeth sparkled bright! SPARKLE SPARKLE SHINE SHINE.

Zayne looked around his room. If my teeth are shining bright why isn’t my bed, my table, my toys and my books shining, he thought as he drank his glass of milk. GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG and…DONE!

Ah, because it’s not clean! Right away, he made his bed, arranged his table, lined up his toys and dusted his books. WHOOSH, SQUEAK, DUST, CLEAN.

Sun, who was watching Zayne clean, threw down his rays on the room. And MAGIC! Zayne’s bed, his table, his toys and his books shone and sparkled, just like his teeth. TWINKLE, TWINKLE.

Good work little boy, said the Sun! A job well done!

I know how to make my arms and legs shine too, shouted Zayne as he headed to the bathroom for a shower. SHOWER…BUBBLE …BUBBLE …SHOWER!

When he got back from his bath, the Sun was bouncing off the white walls of his room ready to make him shine. And shine he did! BRIGHT and BRILLIANT!

Quickly, Zayne ate his breakfast and settled down for a day in the Sun!

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